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Crunk Juice cover Crunk is war, and Lil Jon is its Alexander. During the past five years, he's slowly injected mainstream hip-hop with his distinct brand of sonic terror; with crunk, mayhem is its own reward. Crunk Juice is Jon's fourth album and his first since emerging from behind the boards as a star in his own right (with assists to Dave Chappelle and Usher). For the most part, Juice is pure nihilism -- vacuous, raucous chants over militaristic synths and machine-gun drums. Jon was raised on a diet of hardcore and punk as well as hip-hop, and more than any other rap producer, he understands the raw power of the guitar: "Don't Fuck Wit Me," a bizarre, uncomfortable incitement to domestic violence in the working-class home, could pass for a Suicidal Tendencies outtake. Jon doesn't get much credit for his range as a producer: "Aww Skeet Skeet," featuring DJ Flexx, is an utterly convincing go-go track. And "Lovers and Friends" -- which lifts from Mary J. Blige's "Everything" -- is a liquid love song any R&B thug would be grateful to have on his album.

Jon and his East Side Boyz aren't much as far as rapping is concerned -- they're more cheerleaders than MCs. To Jon's credit, he understands his shortcomings, closing the Crunk Juice with the outstanding "Grand Finale," featuring Nas, Bun B, T.I. and Ice Cube -- talented rappers who prove that you can do more to Jon's music than mosh.

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

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